Thursday, June 5, 2008

The New Face of TG

Dear Fellow Toad-Gamers,

Behold the new mascot for Toad Games! Handsome devil, ain't he? He was brought to life by an old friend of ours, Ronnie Sampson. Ronnie and his wife run a design studio out in San Francisco, doing creative animation for children's learning software. Really nice stuff and they've got a whole shelf of awards to prove it.

I'm not sure why he's not wearing pants. I'm just going to imagine that he's got some short shorts on, covered by his sweater.

He needs a name, too. But before you start firing off can't-miss witticisms, give us a chance to get organized and set up a proper survey.

Once again I want to mention how grateful we are for the positive feedback regarding the direction that we're taking TG. Seven years is a long time to carry this site and there's just so much more we want to do with it. And to those few who insist that you're taking your "business" elsewhere when we start charging, so be it. We absolutely understand and hope that you find another online community that meets your needs for less than 15 cents a day. We'll still be here, growing and expanding, and ready to welcome you back whenever you're ready. To paraphrase Tom Bodett, we'll keep the servers on for ya. Until next time....



smokepole said...

love the new mascot.
He or she is real cute.
As for the new site i have no problem with the new changes. I will continue to donate as i have been doing.

Anonymous said...

well i like the little mascot
he is a happy little fellow
to make us happy little fellows
and the reason he has no pants is
get ready

to twik his little butt so he can be hoppy


williejo said...

hello new mascot
i think u are cute as a bug
(not to close)mascot might be hungry

love your shirt pretty colours
and i guess the reason you have no pants is so we blondes can twik your cute little butt , just to see you hop

imac said...

Nice one,I love the new chappie Mr T.G. Toad.

Ernie said...

Cute mascot. No pants in the great tradition of Donald Duck. The new Toadgames will have my support.

Anonymous said...

Pants or no pants..he's adorable! Looking forward to finding out his name.

signed anonymouscutie

Anonymous said...

this could be his new name