Monday, August 25, 2008

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Hi kids and faux-kids. Lots going on as usual. We've been busier than ever bringing your toadally awesome suggestions to life. We also get lots of comments about how we should be focusing on our games more than our integrated happy fun-time social networking and super-sweet prizes. Ask and ye shall receive! Great games will always be what we are about, and the input you've given us over the past six years will come shining through over the coming months. We've been engineering some hot new tournament and skill games, and are performing enhancements to our classic games that are leaps and bounds (but mostly "leaps") above anything you've ever played online.

Following our last blog entry, someone suggested we allow players to leave messages on games pages. Awesome idea! Done and done. Leave your mark and your comments. Cool. We also get lots of comments about a "pause" feature. OK. You've got that, too. Of course, not all games will allow you to make time stand still. That wouldn't make sense in the games were time is the essence of the game, right? Still, it will be nice to be able to answer the phone in the middle of an intense game of Snake Fish.

And what about this whole social thing? This won't be just another stale, hard to navigate online "forum", you know. Nope. No matter what you find yourself doing at ToadGames, your best buddies are always just a click away, Express yourself and be seen and heard! You don't have to listen to anyone you don't want to, either. It's all about what you want at the new and improved

Keep the comments coming and hang on for the coolest pond on the planet.